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Statement July 2021

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence from us all! 


Christmas has taken a back seat during this last year or so as we, the committee, have focussed on our own lives, families and livelihoods.


The time has come for us to make a public statement regarding the Rye Christmas Festival 2021. Apologies to those of you whom have not received a straight answer when asking us if the festival was going ahead or not. The truth is, we had not come to a decision until recently.


It is with sadness that we regret to say we will not be holding a festival this year. While it is disappointing, our hands are very much tied by the fact that, due to the events of the past year or so, we have been unable to raise the necessary funds for the event. The lack of clarity on the current pandemic situation means we’ve been unable to commit and book the usual events, features and activities without a risk of cancellation and loss of funds. 


We appreciate that after a year or two of us all being forced apart there is nothing that would lift the spirits more than this event, which does so well to bring us all together. Alas, we would rather come back with a full bang than a half-measured fizzle.


Our thoughts are that with a year and a half to plan, strengthen and fundraise for Rye Christmas Festival 2022, the results will be spectacular and fingers crossed, Covid will finally be a thing of the past.


If you would be interested in joining the RCF committee we would very much look forward to hearing from you. The years have taken their toll and we are now a very small team who need fresh ideas, different skills and new energy. Please email